Welcome to Kitchen Table Diary, a collection of observations, stories and memories written by C.E. “Chip” Daniel Jr.

About the Author

C.E. “Chip” Daniel Jr. hails from a small town in rural Georgia. He received his BBA from North Georgia College and was a Distinguished Military Graduate. He earned a commission through ROTC and served as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army. While in the Army, he developed an interest in Logistics while serving as a Support Platoon Leader and Executive Officer. After serving in the Army, he served in various supervisory positions in Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution in Georgia. He continues to serve as a Logistician in the Atlanta area. He enjoys studying military history, reading, cooking and writing. One of his writings earned him first place and the Lewis Grizzard Pen in a writing contest in honor of the late author and humorist. He and his wife of 17 years have a daughter and two cats.

The kitchen table in our home was the focal point of virtually everything we did as a family. We ate our meals there, breakfast, dinner and supper. We socialized and visited with friends. We played games. We laughed over it, we cried over it. We made decisions around it. It was my listening place. A popular saying around the table when I was a child was, “Boy, if this old table could talk, the stories it could tell.” This is the essence of what I want to capture here on this blog. I hope you enjoy your visit here as much as I enjoy writing and remembering.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Bob Denson

    Hi Brother. So glad that I’ve re-connected with you. Looking forward to reading some of your thoughts. Big, tough infantry guy being a writer….who knew? It just underscores my belief that North Georgia folk are a very special breed.

  2. Hello Chip,

    I appreciate your Memorial Day tribute to CARL L KELLY. I came across your blog while doing research on him for a book titled Massacre Valley: The Road to Hoengsong. It was in this battle that he was killed and decorated. If your family is willing, I would be grateful to locate a photo of him for the section of the book that will include his Silver Star action.

    All the best,

    Merry Helm
    Korean War historian

  3. Kathi Carr Theriault

    Hello Chip,

    I’d like to start by saying “Thank You” for putting your memories to paper. As I begin my golden years I am driven to discover my family’s past. This has lead me to your childhood home. For the past two Sundays I have sat in your mother’s living room and listened intently to the unfolding of my heritage.

    I will continue to follow your blog with peaked interest. I’m sure we will be meeting soon.

    Your Cousin, a few times removed,
    Kathi Carr Theriault

    1. Hi Kathi,
      I am so glad you were able to connect with mom. I hope she was able to help you in your quest. It has been a fun and enlightening experience for me doing some ancestry research. Thank you for your interest in my blog. I haven’t put anything new out lately, but I hope to have some new stories flowing soon. It’s a great pleasure to meet a “new” cousin.

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